't Huys Dever

The building, a so called donjon of fortified house, originates from 1375. Although there have been many of these buildings in the coastal region, all of them disappeared accept for 't Huys Dever. The building consists of a Hall of Knights, a cellar, a chapel and an attic room. Here you will find permanent exhibits of excavated objects, stoneware, pottery, glass and historical images through out the year.

The horseshoe-shaped donjon, or fortified tower, was built in the 14th century as a residence for the knight Reinier Ever. With thick walls, the semicircular shape and a moat the tower was well defended. In the 16th century it was expanded with a house, which is completely gone.

't Huys Dever today serves as an exhibition hall and wedding venue.

Practical Information

Type of building Country estate
Facilities (General)
Wardrobe Unmanned cloakroom
Own car park Yes

Day From Till
Sunday 14:00 17:00
Wednesday 14:00 17:00
Thursday 14:00 17:00
Friday 14:00 17:00
Saturday 14:00 17:00