Enjoy cycling in the Dune and Bulb Region

The Dune and Bulb Region is a paradise for cyclists, with beautiful dunes, extensive beaches, cozy terraces and various nice places. With the extensive cycling node network you can easily map out the best routes yourself. The Dune and Bulb Region is connected to the network of TOP, ideal starting and parking locations for  bicycle tours.

Node 91
On each node is an information panel with the node number and an overview of the bicycle route network in the area. At the bottom of the information panel a separate sign is shown to which other junction you can cycle.

On the parking lot of the Agatha Church, near the town hall of Lisse, is the sign for bicycle node 91 with the information panel. Next to “the Proeverij” you can find a the municipality of Lisse has also convenient bicycle repair. This point is meant for every recreational cyclist, racing cyclist or mountain biker who has to carry out a minor repair to the bike. The pole is equipped with tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, tire levers and a bicycle pump.

Bicycle maps
The bicycle maps "Kop van Holland" nr. 13 and "Zuid-Holland Noord"nr. 14 by Falk are based on the cycling route network. The maps cost € 8.99 and are available at VVV Lisse.


Cycle routes by Route.nl (in Dutch):

Coastal and dune route 
34.51 km 
From Wassenaar to the border of North Holland a narrow but varied dune strip stretches out. More information

Flower route 
37.17 km  
Bulb fields, canals, ditches, monuments and charming villages make this route definitely worthwhile.
More information

Dutch lake route 
41.65 km
Just a stone's throw from Lisse you will find the Kagerplassen, part of the Dutch lake area. 
More information

Wildlife spotting route
41.80 km  
Combine cycling and walking in the nature reserve of the “Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen”.
More information

City of Leiden route 
41.40 km 
Cycle through the many charming villages between Lisse and Leiden and back again.
More information

City of Haarlem route  
45.38 km 
A route along beautiful villas and lots of natural beauty to one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, Haarlem.
More information

Dutch glory route 
49.40 km 
Cycle along some of the beautiful estates and ancient castles in South Holland.
More information

Historical polder route 
54.10 km 
The Dutch historical polder route introduces you to the water and defense works on the south side of the Haarlemmermeer polder.
More information

Visit farmers and growers
38.03 km
Visit some of these beautiful companies along the route and get acquainted with various regional products.
More information

Cycling routes starting at TOP Lisse 
(in Dutch)

Audiotour IZI-travel (in English)

What is a "TOP" ?

A TOP is a 'junction' where various signposted and unmarked cycling and walking routes come together. A TOP is easily accessible by car and has parking facilities. In the vicinity of the TOP you can often find restaurants. A TOP is always a good starting point for everyone who loves walking and cycling.

The walking and cycling routes at TOP Lisse will take you along the colorful bulb fields in the spring (late March / end of April / beginning of May). Throughout the year you can enjoy the polder landscape, the woods and beautiful dunes near the coast in the area around Lisse. The village of Lisse has a cozy restaurant square, 't Vierkant with a shopping center nearby, where you can find various authentic shops.

Location of TOP Lisse
Stationsweg 59, 2161 AM Lisse, at restaurant Het Tussenstation (the former Lisse train station)

Recommended exit:
- A44: 3-Noordwijkerhout to N208
- A4: 4-New Vennep to N207