After the great success of previous years, Restaurant  "de Vier Seizoenen"  in Lisse will once again serve a Flower Menu this year. From Thursday 19 March to Sunday 17 May you can enjoy this. The tulip bulbs have already been put in preserving jars in October 2019. The chefs have created a beautiful menu with flowers, tulips and flower related ingredients.

For some people it may sound strange, but edible flowers are highly recommended; just ask the many guests who preceded you. Reservations can be made by telephone: 0252-418023 or directly via the website of Restaurant de Vier Seizoenen.


FlowerMenu De Vier Seizoenen
19 March to 17 May 2020

Salad with tulip bulb kimchi│crispy nori
ginger jasmine mayonnaise│crunchy gambas│

*  *  * 

Creamy cauliflower soup with saffron│crab│
lavender nutmeg foam│tulip petal

*  *  * 

Crunchy fried│sous-vide cooked fillet of free-range chicken │
crushed potato with  sweet and sour tulip bulb and rocket │tulip petal│
honey roasted bunch carrot│green asparagus│creamy sauce with tulip Vodka

*  *  * 

Orange mascarpone mousse│macaroons│
crumble│sorbet ice cream│yogurt│elderberry flower

4-courseMenu € 42,-
Wine arrangement 4 glasses € 26,-

Surprise Menu│5 courses € 48,-
Wine arrangement│5 glasses € 32.50

│Beer arrangement│
4 glasses € 17,50│5 glasses € 22,-│6 glasses € 26,-

│Sharing dinner Menu│
multiple dishes to be shared│only per table
Fish, meat and vegetarian│4 courses  € 46,-

│Wine arrangement with sharing dinnerMenu│
2 half glasses of wine with each course│4 courses from  € 28,-