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GPS tours with the Renault Twizy, a 100% electric & eco-friendly vehicle for 2 people! The unique open and contemporary design of this vehicle gives you a sense of freedom. You feel, smell and experience where you drive! A unique ride with guaranteed attention on the go!

The GPS tours of Renzy.nl will lead you to the most beautiful places in Holland like the lovely Tulip & Flower region, the famous Dune and Coastline, the authentic Dutch landscape with windmills & polders & the old city of Leiden. You can book our tours for the morning, afternoon or evening. Prices from € 65,- per GPS tour for 2 people.

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This tour will take you through the dune and beach area, a beautiful region in the Netherlands. You will ride through free nature & sand dunes and visit the ‘Free state’ of Nederzandt. Feel the freedom!

Discover Noordwijk – one of the most authentic coastal towns in Holland. This lovely tour will take you through Noordwijk & surroundings and its charming hotspots. Enyoy the ride!

When you think of the Netherlands than you think of windmills and water. The Kaag is the ideal destination to enjoy this typical Dutch landscape. Very photogenic!

The Netherlands has a rich history and this has resulted in several beautiful castles and luxurious estates. Usually they are hidden, but with this tour you can discover some of them!

Our feel the city tour will guide you through the city of Leiden. The Renault Twizies with GPS guide onboard will show you the streets, alleys and squares of this beautiful old town!

MAGIC TULIP TOUR (end March - begin May)
The beautiful tulip fields appeal to the imagination of many people. Experience the fields off the beaten track and far from the tour bus routes in our electric Renault Twizy! The colors, the scents and the flowers come very close....