The Flower Tour is a walking or cycling route in the Keukenhof area. The whole region is called " Bollenstreek " in Dutch. During this tour you will discover the most beautiful flowering flowers, visit a tulip farm and enjoy the hospitality of the flower villages.

The Tulip Tour is aimed at offering cyclists and hikers a true experience. In addition to the flower fields you will also pass beautiful monuments and you can learn more about the story of the tulip.

The route consists of two Keukenhof routes that are combined to see the most beautiful flower fields. You can therefore shorten the route yourself.

Price Tulip Tour:
The Tulip Tour is free to bike or hike. If you really want to experience the route, you can buy the experience tour for € 5.00. With this you get a (digital) route booklet with the highlights of the route. You also get access to the audioguide app with which you learn more about the tulip and the environment. With the experience route you also get a 25% discount at Museum De Zwarte Tulp.

Keukenhof season:
The Keukenhof is open from the 20th of March till the 10th of May. This is the time to visit the flowerfields in and outside the Keukenhof. You can still take the Flower Tour outside the opening of the Keukenhof but expect to see less or no flowers in that period.

What is included:

Digital route booklets with the highlights of the route
Audioguide app

What is NOT included:
Keukenhof entrance tickets (click here for Keukenhof tickets)
A bike (click here for bike rental)

How does it work ?
After buying the Flower Tour you will receive an e-mail with a link to the digital magazine and with the link to the audioguide app